About Invention Of Lying Part I

“The Invention of Lying” was written and directed by the famous British laughers Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson. it had been written in 2009. It tells a world during which the reality is merely told the reality. However, the way of telling the reality here is slightly different from the way of being honest. Yes, everyone behaves honestly, but it’s by no means kind, hurtful and unnecessary. during this reality, Mark Berison (Mark Berison) (Ricky Gervais) once made a living as a screenwriter for the film company Lecture Films. In short, he’s needing to win, which is why Mark may be a mess in people’s eyes, his pen is disgusting when it involves writing, and he’s someone who can’t make out in every way. What’s more, it seems that not all of them are enough.

Every morning he wakes up. The cruel and true comment about them is: “You are a disgusting writer, you’re fat, you’re ugly and you may live forever. Poverty, etc.” … “In fact, we frequently say these comments in our standard of living, but not between we are saying them one after another from the safest place. Perhaps, if such a system is in our lives today, it’s realized within the world, then it becomes clearer who has many friends and who is using it sure benefits Obviously not we’ll investigate social media channels with our own names and surnames. that’s why nobody features a problem with anyone. Everyone thinks we all love them, but nobody wants to face the facts. whether or not the planet of telling the reality looks like a cruel dystopia, can it really be counted as a utopia that benefits us all?

The solution to question is given at the foremost important breakthrough point within the movie. When Mark Bellison was fired from the last company he robbed and visited the bank to pay the rent, he heard the voice in his head and told the teller that his money was over this amount within the account. Usually, a lady will say: “Sir, no, your account… sounds like this. There is also nothing wrong.” While watching for the solution, the solution we get is “Oh, sorry, there’s a blunder, we’ll offer you We apologize for what you said about the cash.” Therefore, Mark found that we are in such a reality. We understand that folks during this world will consider what they hear and learn to inform one another the reality as true.

In other words, an actress who claims to possess suffered verbal and physical statutory offense can explain the case and sentence the one who abused her to jail. It doesn’t require proof or documents. Because people believe him, this is often something very valuable. But on the opposite hand, in similar incidents, as Mark did, it should be that motives like motives for acceptance or revenge took advantage of the acceptance of spoken words as true. to resolve such a sophisticated problem, the law must play a job, which is actually a separate problem. Therefore, once we return to the place to begin, the state of truth actually presents us with a utopian community model on the one hand and a dystopian model on the opposite.

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