Focus Movie Analysis

There are some points in the film industry, at least not for works with high box office expectations. Like many movies that hope to be released at the box office, “Fox” may be an essential work. The main character of the film combines the themes of fraud and love, is the veteran comedy and action actor Will Smith and one of the new faces of the big screen Margot Robbie (Margot Robbie). Nicki (Will Smith) meets Jesse (Margot Robbie) by chance, he is a cunning man like him. He included it in his toolbox at Jesse’s request. When Nikki left Jesse and left, the close duo collapsed. Three years later, Nicky’s meeting with Jesse in a “stable” reversed all plans. Nicky may be just as confused as his grandfather and father. He is one of the people who learned the most professionally when he was young. He knows all kinds of techniques, and he also knows how to make money with where and with whom. This is your own team and order. He is a man who manages to make a lot of money in a small business and avoid risks. Nicky prefers a person because he always thinks of what happened between his father and grandfather.

Because you are warned that fraudsters should never interfere with your feelings. Jess is the one who chooses pickpockets to survive. As Nicky said, it has amazing beauty and light touch. It is almost a ghost, you can do whatever you want without your hands. Jess is strong enough to cope with herself, she is not a professional like Nicky, but with her rapid learning and rapid implementation structure, she manages to keep up with the times. Back to the movie, as I mentioned before, the movie contains some basic elements, just like many works that hope to succeed at the box office. One of the main names may be a flashy and eye-catching name, in this case Focus. The second element is the name of the main character in the movie, and the decisions made in this regard during the formation of the cast are correct: Will Smith is a friendly and experienced name, he There have been many successful films in the movie world, cinema and Margot Robbie (Margot Robbie), which is one of the most popular names in the last period. If necessary, continuing the “popularity” of the movie, the themes of romance and fraud will be dealt with at the same time, so there is no need to talk about it. Its production can be traced back to the TV series “Leverage”, which pays tribute to “My Mom’s New Boyfriend” and “The Thieves”.

However, although the movie is full of romantic elements, the fact that it is arranged in a too short and exaggerated way and scattered everywhere is different. Similarly, the spread of emotional themes throughout the movie also prevents the storyline (which is the main theme of the movie) from relegating to second place. The most beautiful aspect of the movie, without any visual effects, is the “liar”, that is, the fun of shooting in a trick. He managed to awaken the public from his curiosity about the theft of planets starting from his expectations. At the same time, he warned the audience with a simple strategy. He successfully emphasized the importance of focus and what happens when the watch blinks when reflected from a particularly eye-catching lens, which is not easy to be fooled. In the second part of the film, the events that occurred three years later, a mystery is formed. Although the predictability of the plot of the usual suspects, Infinite Walker and Holmes is disappointing, the plight of Nicky and Jace has reached an unpredictable point, but a little surprise in the final scene can certainly be preserved. But perhaps what really makes this movie interesting is that Nicky‚Äôs curiosity about the game is emphasized, but this curiosity did not make the event full of hope, it is actually a technique to attract the audience and make them focus on the subject . Perhaps, considering the risk of their choice, people often think that gambling addiction may be a way of thinking about this. However, considering the expectations of the audience in the film, it is necessary to admit that this is a very successful number. In short, Focus can be a blockbuster eager job and well designed for this purpose. But unlike many movies, Fox deserves this feat. Considering its fluidity, atmosphere, and movie scenes, whether it’s not a fanatic movie or not, it should be nice to watch.

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